Torus Cultural Center – Rethinking paradigms

The Torus Cultural Center will be built by an independent, private, non-profit association. The architectural project will include a large exhibition hall, multipurpose space (music, dance and workshops), space for interdisciplinary meetings, educational actions, audiovisual actions and other actions, social spaces, in addition to a strong online presence through courses and other activities. Torus Cultural Center is a dream of many years coming true, a place that, having art as an axis, will combine social development, education and leisure, but also acting as a diffusing creative pole.


Combining technology, art research and educational proposals, Torus Cultural Center aims to provide activities and content accessible to all audiences and to encourage artistic circuits, creative innovation and cultural dissemination, integrating the local community and actively contributing to the development of the region.


The space of the future Torus Cultural Center is located in the countryside, close to the center of Garibaldi, at the beginning of Estrada do Sabor and in the middle of the route of the vineyards in the mountains of Rio Grande do Sul. It was a place of Italian migration in the XIX century, and recently it has incorporated  the sophistication of wine tourism into traditional elements through bold initiatives.


The property is located on a 22-hectare property where the Torus Artistic Residency also takes place. In a former feed depot, with an area of approximately 480 square meters arranged on two floors, bold spaces will be created to contemplate the artistic, educational and sociable purposes of the Cultural Center.