Torus* Cultural Institute is an independent non-profit cultural organization, which acts as a laboratory of ideas and production, of an investigative, reflective and purposeful character that aims to contribute for the promotion of changes and stimulate the creative economy through cultural exchange, production of innovative projects in contemporary art and development of research platforms.

Its activities include artistic residency programs, international and national exhibitions, video shows, publications of and about art, circulation of collections, courses, mentoring and lectures, projects combining art and new technologies, proposals addressing cultural tourism, among others.

The Institute acts by establishing bridges between creators, institutions and the public, believing in the importance of valuing intellectual capital and artistic heritage, encouraging decentralized cultural initiatives and access to culture. Torus Cultural Institute aims to promote debate and reflection on artistic production, strengthening cultural identity and the dissemination of contemporary art.


Spreading contemporary art through innovative cultural projects that promote transformation.


Becoming a reference in the creation and development of contemporary art projects .


Creative drive and passion for art – we believe in art as a way of conceiving new perspectives.

Innovation – we want to develop projects that update the making of contemporary art.

Valorization of material and immaterial cultural heritage – promoting the dialogue between tradition and contemporaneity.

Sharing is growing – we believe in the importance of disseminating knowledge in contemporary art to stimulate other ways of seeing the world.


Promoting innovative cultural and artistic expression.

Stimulating access to culture and community participation.

Encouraging experimentation and new possibilities in art.

Supporting artists and researchers from different artistic languages.

Encouraging and enhancing training programs.

Supporting the creation and development of languages and digital environments that facilitate access to art and culture.

Promoting actions for inclusion and fostering of diversity.

Promoting regional, national and international cultural exchange of contemporary artistic production from Rio Grande do Sul.

Promover ações de inclusão e fomento à diversidade.

Promover o intercâmbio cultural regional, nacional e internacional da produção artística contemporânea a partir do Rio Grande do Sul.

Aã exhibition, held at Vera Chaves Barcellos Foundation in 2017. Photo by Leopoldo Plenz.

* Torus, or toro, is a surface generated by the rotation of a circumference around an axis in its plane and external to it, which can be represented as a ring in constant revolution. It is as if we bend reality and make connected points that – in a three-dimensional universe – were removed, serving as inspiration to think about unheard-of forms of circulation and connection, as something always dynamic.