The educational project Áster aims to present the exhibition Tempo com Verbo in an accessible and thought-provoking way, with texts on the works in accessible language and proposals for interactive activities, free online lectures in partnership with the University of Rio Grande (FURG), University of Santa Maria (UFSM) and University of Caxias do Sul (UCS). Coordinated by the art-educator Diogo Gonçalves (FURG), the project also includes special material, in the form of a booklet illustrated by the artist Helder Kawabata, with proposals that aim to democratize and bring contemporary art to people in situations of social vulnerability in Rio Grande and in São José do Norte. It has the collaboration of André Soares, Lívia Lempek and Matheus Maia.

Download the educational material clicking on the image:

Diogo Gonçalves

Livia Lempek

André Soares

Matheus Maia