Antinomia 01



Considering the need to adapt to the restrictions imposed by the pandemic situation, MAMAM curators and directors decided to hold an exhibition with the works incorporated into the collection virtually. Thus, based on photographs of the space, floor plan and other information, it was possible to digitally reconstruct MAMAM’s entrance hall, the access room and exhibition room on the ground floor, with an impressive level of precision: even the texture of the floor and the the tiles, as well as the access staircase, the plans and the ceiling friezes were meticulously recreated. This digital space can be implemented on different platforms, and was created for MAMAM as a way of continuing this accessibility action, as it allows the public from anywhere in the world to virtually visit the museum and future exhibitions. On the platform chosen for the current exhibition, it is even possible to try visiting with virtual reality glasses, making the experience immersive and vivid, as if you were in real space. Furthermore, it is possible to browse using computers, tablets or cell phones, with each device providing a different experience.