Music album

Impermanence, in its curious articulations, has been the sign of Seven Infinitudes. This album was created as the soundtrack for seven concise documentaries, with a song for each artist in the Tempo Como Verbo exhibition. Each artist is transformed into a principle or essentiality, which the music intended to evoke. Contingencies of an exotic Brazil in 2021 made these videos void, but not the songs. Orphans of images, these archetypes underwent gentle reification and took the form of places, restricted landscapes that, seen from above and with the displacement of accelerated time, condense knots of transformation of humans and life on this planet. Then, Caio Amon and Ío stopped on an elegant peninsula that, in the Cretaceous, changed the history of species. Or in the inhospitable area of ​​the Atlantic, home to shipwrecks; or, even, on the edges of a desert where life becomes harsh. These and other infinities are now made marks in space-time. This project, still in progress, foresees the creation of a series of works between Caio Amon and Ío, with a desire to delve deeper not only into music, but into the noosphere that silently surrounds it.

The music album Sete Infinitudes can be found clicking here.