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ANTINOMIA is a project awarded the Marcantônio Vilaça Prize 2019, which includes the donation of works by Frantz, Marina Camargo and the duo Ío to the collection of the Aloisio Magalhães Museum of Modern Art, an important initiative that allows you to bring a cross-section of the contemporary production of Rio Grande do Sul to the MAMAM collection. The selected works, emblematic pieces within each artist’s production, highlight the particularity of their poetics and enable a deep and auspicious dialogue with other works from the institution. The project includes holding an exhibition with the donated works and one more work by each artist, a series of cultural dissemination activities (lectures with artists, educational actions) and the launch of a catalog.


ANTINOMIA – Virtual Exhibition

Considering the need to adapt to the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Antinomia exhibition, with the works incorporated into the collection, was held virtually between December 22, 2021 and April 30, 2022. In the immersive virtual gallery, the The public can check out the works on display.

The chosen artists are Frantz, with the work Capela Dourada; Marina Camargo, with the video work Beckton Alps; and the duo Ío, formed by Laura Cattani and Munir Klamt, with the sculpture Trindade. This cut seeks to represent, in a metonymic way, the diversity and energy of the contemporary artistic scene from Rio Grande do Sul to other regions of the country.

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Collection constitution – donation to MAMAM

The works in the exhibition, “ANTINOMIA” were donated, in digital format, to the Aloisio Magalhães Modern Art Museum (MAMAM), contributing to the enrichment of the public collection and the valorization of artistic production, bringing to the Pernambuco public a sample of contemporary art from Rio Grande do Sul. The virtual room designed for the adaptation required by the Covid-19 pandemic was also donated to the institution.



A lecture was held about the exhibition and donation of works to the collection with the directors of MAMAM and the curators and artists of the ANTINOMIA exhibition, in the form of a “live”, open to the public, available on the YouTube platform.

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ANTINOMIA – Catalogue

The Antinomia exhibition catalog was created, in virtual format (pdf), with 96 pages. This publication covers the exhibition held in the virtual room, architecturally developed from the historic Mamam building, with the works that were the subject of the Antinomia – Recorte Contemporâneo do Rio Grande do Sul project in the MAMAM collection. Included, in addition to images of these works and the virtual room, are the works and/or series of works by each artist, kindly provided for this exhibition: On Canvas, by Frantz; Emergencies, by Ío; Oblivion, by Marina Camargo. Also included in the catalog is an introductory text by the project’s proponent and curator, Prof. Dr. Laura Cattani, a critical text about the exhibition, prepared by Prof. Dr. Munir Klamt, and texts addressing the poetics of each artist, highlighting the creative genealogy of the works that became part of the MAMAM collection.



Curation and Organization Laura Cattani e Munir Klamt
Text about the artists Munir Klamt
Image Credits
Anderson Astor: 59-71
Bruno Borne 8-17, 19, 92-95
Eduardo Aigner: 32, 34, 35
Fabio Del Re: 36-38
Frantz: capa, 20-31, contracapa
Ío: 58-72, 77-78
Joshua White: 52, 53, 55
Marina Camargo: 40-47, 54, 56, 57
Nik Neves: 48, 51
Graphic Design and Publishing Bruno Borne
Cover intervation by Bruno Borne on the work of Frantz
Maiara Alvarez: 33-35, 49, 50, 73-75, 80-90

This project was awarded the Marcantonio Villaça Plastic Arts Award
9th Edition – FUNARTE / Ministry of Tourism